We welcome you to our church no matter where are you from, who you are or what have you done. Our community will gladly help you in this world full of confusing, dangerous and lonely situations. With God, we find strength and hope which gives us our needed comfort in this cruel world. Our education involves children, youth and adult groups and many other opportunities for fellowship. Through the music, we open ourselves to fresh wind of Spirit. We would be honored with you joining our community and integrate with what we learn about Jesus. Visit our exceptional place.

About Us

We are a community which takes seriously their commitment, calling and passion for serving in the name of Christ. We are also known throughout the community for our strong bonding and dedication to families, children, youth, and adults. Our activity is based on hope and faith with many issues such as homelessness, hunger, ecology, global justice and many others. Throughout all our work and history one is for sure, nobody is perfect. Each of us is individual broken in some way by this world but blessed by the God in many ways. The warmth of our community is simply indestructible with sharing that most wanted to support.


Our Leadership


Pastor David

Native from Portland in Oregon studied at the University of Oregon and finished Master degree in Theological Studies is an effective God’s messenger who has devoted all life to spread God’s word. He is a professional how in practical also in his dynamic style of teaching and educating people how to live their lives applying God’s Word.

Pastor Thomas

A person that truly lives with the purpose to share his passion for studying, preaching and teaching God’s word. As finishing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon, he devoted his life to spreading his vision of God’s love through the dynamic of contemporary worship and caring relationship.

Pastor Robert

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. With great educational background starting with Oregon Baptist University, over many Theological Seminaries and Community Colleges made significant progress throughout the world by traveling. Today he is making a great difference with his influence on church and people by teaching the God’s Word to all who wants to hear.

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